Courtney Harrington

Senior level SME in CyberSecurity, Anti-terrorism, Force Protection and Emergency Management.

Extensive senior government experience at local, state and federal levels.

Extensive senior experience embedded with U.S military at National Guard and active services.

Award winning writer, editor, graphic designer and website design and management.

Cyber Security

Cyber security - the protection of networks and computers from the intrusion of malicious software is a major and growing danger issue. It is a constant battle with each side leaping past the other in a never ending war.

As the bad guys find a new way to break in, software developers patch the hole to keep them out. Defense is never 100 percent as the number of successful ransom attacks and database hacks have shown.

Nation states have the capability to enter critical infrastructure systems and bring down power, transportation and communications. The "next war" is happening now in cyber space.

The customer can be frequently at fault by not installing the latest software patches and anti-virus software on a timely basis, or at all.

Beginning in 2016 I made a concentrated effort to improve my knowledge and experience in this most important area.

I attended the University of Michigan's excellent Cyber Security Specialization course. Over 600 hours of training, lab work and in-depth knowledge of hardware/software security, web design, cryptography (my primary background in my earlier years), voter systems fraud and international cyber conflicts.

This was followed by a 300 hour course on Counter Terrorism Specialization from Penn State University.

As voter systems are a growing concern I completed a specialized course in Cyber Threats to Voting Systems (120 hours) from the University of Michigan and finished with a 200 hour course in Artificial Intelligence from Princeton University.

I am uniquely positioned to oversee the cyber security efforts of any large organization.