Courtney Harrington

Senior level SME in CyberSecurity, Anti-terrorism, Force Protection and Emergency Management.

Extensive senior government experience at local, state and federal levels.

Extensive senior experience embedded with U.S military at National Guard and active services.

Award winning writer, editor, graphic designer and website design and management.

America is under attack on many fronts. Cyber warfare has become the weapon of choice.

Meanwhile, coronavirus continues to spread daily throughout our country.

Confusion reigns between the various levels of government with different cities and states doing different things in an effort to control the spread of the virus.

Companies are sending people home to work with little experience or plans on how to make this work.

America's commerce is in trouble and we're running out of time.

More than ever, you need an experienced emergency management and security head to get things back on track and help survive the months ahead. One that is experienced in remote work and doing it successfully. Prepared with multiple computer systems, high speed data lines, over 25-terabytes of storage with multiple backups, video conferencing and access to all the necessary data to plan and execute. All locked down with extensive data security.

I invite you to look over a brief CV on the next page of what I have done and the experience it has built to do what I do.