Courtney Harrington

Senior level SME in CyberSecurity, Anti-terrorism, Force Protection and Emergency Management.

Extensive senior government experience at local, state and federal levels.

Extensive senior experience embedded with U.S military at National Guard and active services.

Award winning writer, editor, graphic designer and website design and management.

Homeland Security

Homeland Security is what the name implies - providing for the security of the United States against all threats internal and external.

It encompasses all the items listed on the other pages from Emergency Management, Anti-Terrorism and Force Protection, Cyber Security and Law Enforcement.

Homeland Security has become vastly more complicated over the past years with so-called "home grown terrorists". They are difficult to discover and stop as they usually work alone and rarely leave a trail that can be discovered in time.

Homeland Security also entails significant events outside our nation from stopping terrorist organizations to nation states that mean harm to us.

While not an expert in the entire multitude of items that go into Homeland Security I am a subject matter expert (SME) in the main venues. Given my many years working with the military, especially at the command level, I am well versed in the overall Homeland Security mission.